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SAE Classes

Learn More About Our Qualifying or SAE Classes

++Tutor-Enhanced Home Study©, preferred by most students, is a

6-Class Day program  - $1,575.00    CLASS/Materials included


Classes are held Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day.


Exam Prep -  This class is included in each Live Class Package. This class is a 1 day review to further prepare for the State portion of the exam. Includes a live instructor and all classroom materials. Hours for this class are from 9am-5pm and are held on the Satruday of each Tutor-enhanced Home Study week. Stand-alone Exam Prep - $159.00


 Tutor Assisted Home Study **- $1,110.00

Saturday (30 qualifying hour courses) from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Jun. 29th & Jul.6th- Note are Thursday Nights 5:30 pm-8:00 pm

Qualifying or SAE CLASSES - $165.00 per 30 hours

CLASS/Materials included**  





The Academy of Regulated Real Estate Courses™ - TARREC™ is located in Lubbock TX. We have an unmatched 55 years of experience in the business.

Locally owned

Schedule for June- August 2017


August 5th: 

#121 / #122, Principles I & II / #451 Finance **


August 12th:

#1151 Law of Agency / #1251 Law of Contracts / #351 Promulgated Contracts **


August 21th-26th ++Tutor-Enhanced Home Study©


August 26th: Exam Prep Course


September 9th: #121 / #122, Principles I & II / #451 Finance ** 


September 16th:  #1151 Law of Agency / #1251 Law of Contracts / #351 Promulgated Contracts   **


September 18th-23rd: ++Tutor-Enhanced Home Study©


September 23rd: Exam Prep Course


October 7th: #121/ #122, Principles I & II / #451 Finance **


October 14th:  #1151 Law of Agency / #1251 Law of Contracts / #351 Promulgated Contracts **


October 16th-21st:  ++Tutor-Enhanced Home Study©


October 21:  Exam Prep Course


November 4th: #121 / #122, Principles I & II / #451 Finance **


November 11th: #1151 Law of Agency / #1251 Law of Contracts / #351 Promulgated Contracts   **


November 13th-18th: ++Tutor-Enhanced Home Study©


November 18th: Exam Prep Course


December 2nd: #121 / #122, Principles I & II / #451 Finance **


Deaember 9th:   #1151 Law of Agency / #1251 Law of Contracts / #351 Promulgated Contracts **


December 11th-16th:  ++Tutor-Enhanced Home Study©


December 16th: Exam Prep Course


                                          Happy Holidays

Top-notch Real Estate Exam Prep Course included with each package purchase.




Correspondence Courses Available/ Work a HomeStudy at your own pace. Call for Information.

Equip yourself with the professional knowledge and qualifications to excel in your real estate career.

TARREC™ Tutored Enhanced Homestudy and Tutor-Assisted course format is a dynamic, instructor led, homestudy course held in the classroom.  With this format you will learn from our expert instructors who explain all of the most important information and answers all your questions. You are required to get your study materials prior to the start of classes. It is necessary for you to read the books and complete the homework in the back of each book, before you come to the scheduled classes.  Your homework will be graded and then you will take a test for each course. Upon passing, you will then be awarded your certificate of completion.