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Top-notch Real Estate Exam Prep Course

Comprehensive Exam Training

Get your salesperson and broker license with excellent exam training techniques from our team of professionals at The Academy of Regulated Real Estate Courses™ - TARREC™.


We've been teaching for a cumulative 60 years, guiding students in their effort to pass the sales person and broker license examination.


Our lead instructor is an attorney and is more than likely the most certified, designated, educated and still practicing real estate broker, educator and trainer in the United States.

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The Academy of Regulated Real Estate Courses™ - TARREC™ is located at 1615 Ave Q Ste 3

Lubbock, TX 79401.


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Top-Notch Real Estate Exam Prep Course

Our students say our Real Estate Exam Prep Course (EPC) is easily the #1 choice to pass the exam.


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Count on 60 years of experience for superior quality exam training.