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Tarrec Graduates TARREC Graduate

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Transcribed message on company answering service left by exemplary graduate, Bill Detournillon, January 29, 2007:


"Hey, Philip....this is Bill Detournillon. It's 9:15 on Monday morning. No need to call me back. I just wanted to call and tell you how much I appreciated the class last week and what a tremendous job you did teaching it and sharing your expertise. I found it to be tremendously valuable and look forward to seeing you again. If you need to talk to me, my number is XXX-XXXX. Thanks. Goodbye."


-Bill Detournillon



"This week has been very helpful in the aspect of personal experience on the part of our instructor. I thought we would be going through the class books (homework books) page by page and I was so glad that we didn't. It felt like real work and not textbook."


-Sandi Eudey



"My name is Rania Zeitouni and I'm very thankful to Mr. Schoewe for this class. First, I was very comfortable especially when he was talking about the Mediterranean Sea and the people over there. I felt that I knew him from (sic) long time. And for one, it was a very positive thing that he knew about my culture. Second, it was not at all a boring class, because he taught us all this material in a fun, useful, practical way... I loved it ... Thank you so much."





"This class was the best class ever. I had looked at some online courses and this was so much better. Without being in class, I would never have learned as much as I did. Philip made the class not only interesting, but challenging, we fed off of each other. That is something you just can't do on the internet. I really enjoyed the class."


-Derrick Roberts



"I feel that this type of class was beneficial to me because I am a very visual and auditory type person. I could read, seek and find the answers then hear the information in different words. I appreciate that Phillip did not read the information but put it in real world and life situations. I feel that my class did their homework and was prepared. If an individual is not willing to prepare in advance, this is not the class for them. I enjoyed this class type setting."


-Stacey Wilson



"Thank you so much for offering real estate licensing classes!  I had ordered my books online and intended to complete my courses that way thinking it would be easier as well as quicker but that was not the case.  It was hard to know where to begin, when I had questions I had to email my “professor” and the reply was minimal at best.  Trying to communicate my questions with the professors was difficult and their response back was not as clear as it could’ve been in person.


I decided that I would try the in class study that your business TARREC offers. I am thrilled that several other realtors had recommended it!  I enjoyed the lively interactive teaching, getting to be part of a class with others that I will come across again in the real estate world, guests who came to discuss with us the various entities involved when working in real estate, getting to be a part of an open house and touring listings on the Lubbock market today!  I truly enjoyed the classes and think I was given the tools necessary to pass the real estate exam and begin my career!  Thank you Philip and Karen!"



Stephanie Sutton


February 23, 2016

Our lead instructor, Philip Gregory Schoewe, DREI, CREI, Attorney at Law, Mortgage Broker NMLS#358088, has held a Texas Real Estate Broker License in Texas since 1980 and began teaching and training real estate “In The Trenches” since 1981. Those attending his live delivery say he is a compelling educator with vast experience beyond and yet applicable to any local real estate market in which he’s teaching. Known internationally as one of the most articulate of real estate instructors, Philip is also known to be keenly accurate in his vast skill sets, always "TeachingRight."© For more about Philip Gregory Schoewe, GOOGLE "Philip Schoewe" DREI, and enjoy an hour or more exploring his background.


Philip's truly one-of-a-kind of the vanishing breed of real estate instructors who really have actually "been there-done that", and has "done that" -whatever it was- highly successfully. What he says to others always mirrors his all too famliar classroom mantra: "Words have meanings, creating ideas, all of which produce a different set of consequences.”


You are in for a real treat in Philip's classroom where the learner, you, is the focus, not the instructor. Yet perhaps more distinctively in comparison with other less experienced instructors, Philip stills "does it" and "does it right", whatever "it" is that he chooses to do, even when presenting awards to other national leaders in real estate education.


His best year in real estate showcased 194 closings during which year he listed 161 residences for sale and he closed 160 out of those 161 listings, which equates to a 99.378% success rate at "listings taken to listings sold"!


In the year that our lead instructor hit a 99.378% success rate in listings sold, he sold all but one of the listings. 8th grade math shows he had a 99.375% success rate in the "selling your own listings-club".

He continues to teach national real estate designation and real estate certification courses.


About our lead instructor

We are based out of Lubbock, TX, but we serve all of Texas.