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How Does It Work?

We are based out of Lubbock, TX, but we serve all of Texas.

  • Self–paced course, you will read the textbook and answer the homework questions.  Complete the chapter quizzes. You will take a test per each course.

  • Call (806) 797-0769 to schedule the multiple-choice exam.

  • Exams may be taken Monday - Friday, 10:30am to 3:30 pm at our location or; you can set a live video proctor time.

  • Score 70% or better on the exam and you've done it!

  • Correspondence Courses Offered in conjunction with Provider Provider Champions School of Real Estate #530

  • Work at your own pace. Whenever and wherever you wish!

  • Meets Texas Real Estate Commission requirements - Provider Champions School of Real Estate #530

Real Estate Pre-Licensing, Salesperson's Renewals

(30 Hour SAE) and Broker's Courses:


These home-study courses are contracted with - Provider#530.


Course Name Course Number Fee:


Real Estate Principles 1 #121

Real Estate Principles 2 #122

Law of Agency #1151

Law of Contracts #1251

Promulgated Contracts Forms #351

Real Estate Finance  #451

Basic Appraisal Principles #240

Basic Appraisal Procedures #222

Residential Appraisal #221

Residential Marketing Analysis #223

Residential Site Valuation #224

Brokerage #751

Commercial Real Estate #545

Investment Strategy #930

Marketing 1 #551

Power House Training #527

Property Management #851

Real Estate Law #330

Residential Inspection #1035

Correspondence Prices:


30 Hour courses...$165

6 Courses Package...$990

9 Courses Package...$1485

Shipping costs $8 per course

The Academy of Regulated Real Estate Courses™ - TARREC™  has 60 years of experience in the real estate education business.

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