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Locally Owned Business
ASR Designation Course Broker License Extensive Experience
Locally Owned Business
 Designation Course Broker License

Comprehensive Training for Real Estate Salespersons and Brokers

Our lead instructor is an attorney, and he's been teaching and training real estate "In The Trenches" since June 1st of 1981. Click here to learn more about our lead instructor.

Give your career an excellent boost by taking the coveted Designation Course. Call us to learn more details regarding the course.

The Academy of Regulated Real Estate Courses™ -TARREC™ proudly serves West Texas. Click here to see where we're located.

We have 60 years of experience in educating students for various real estate salesperson and broker exams. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Serving West Texas

Give us a call at 806-797-0769 to see how we can benefit you.

The Academy of Regulated Real Estate Courses™ - TARREC™ offers comprehensive training that will enable you to ace the real estate exam and get your license.